Crazy weather

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Okay, so this crazy weather has taken its toll again. Once day it is 20 degrees, the next day it is 68 degrees. Like this week. So last night, I wake up with my sinuses all dried out, and I cannot get back to sleep. So I wake up the wife and we have coffee and try to get back to sleep. Now the coffee has my nerves all rattled and the next thing I know, it is seven in the morning and I haven’t slept but 4 hours all night. Now my day trickles along like I am inside some kind torture time chamber, where minutes are days. All day I am waiting to get this day over so I can get back to sleep tonight. Is this what they mean by the rat race? The evening temps are forecast to come back down tomorrow night and thereafter for a few nights, so hopefully we will be back in our standard February mode of sleeping before too much longer. I never thought that I would complain about warmer weather in the middle of winter, but here it is, and here I go.

Here is a small cartoon about crazy weather that I thought you might enjoy. ¬†Click on the image to read the cartoon correctly…




I’m back!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

After many years of wandering, I have returned to where it all began, on a blue kubrick template just like this one. Ahhhh… life was so simple in the early days of my blogging days. And after many, many attempts to find satisfaction from those other fancy blogging formats, I find myself right back here, where I belong. So stay tuned for my daily adventures. Life is just getting started the way I want it to. Yippee!